Live commentarying The Voice: Eliminations 5/2/2012

ELIMINATIONS! And a butt-ton of performances.
Sometimes I like to remember that Cyndi Lauper had fantastic chemistry with Jeff Goldblume in Vibes. Especially during elimination episodes that are 90% filler.
Last year's Dia Frampton is up first singing dressed like Jess Day. For some reason Kid Cudi is involved with this. That was inoffensive.

Team Christina is up for eliminations first. Chris Mann makes it into the finals. I have to say I'm surprised, but good for him. He's got a great voice. Bye, Lindsey! You were alright.

Vicci Martinez and Cee Lo are a fun combination. Cee Lo overall is a very giving performer. I forgot what a cool voice Vicci has.

Team Adam eliminations next. Tony Lucca gets into the finals! Yay! Katrina, who I think has a really great voice leaves.

Beverly McClellan and Cyndi Lauper (what?) are singing "Money Changes Everything." (Oh hey, I paid enough attention to catch the name of this song.) Boring song.

Last year's winner Javier Colon sings "A Drop in the Ocean." There's nothing like 4 unfamiliar pop songs to make me realize how formulaic pop songs are. Javier's voice is still like honey.

Team Boring Blake is up next. Jermaine Paul makes it into the finals. YAWN. Erin seems like a lovely person, and I'm kind of bummed she's leaving. She at least used dynamics.

Team Cee Lo is last. JULIET SIMMS! I'm so excited. She's a really cool chick with an awesome gritty voice. Jamar, you're a class act.

I'm glad Tony and Juliet made it into the finals. What are your reactions?

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