Live commentarying The Voice: 3/25/2012

Final Battles Round!

Least creepy Adam Levine picture?

1. Team Cee Lo: James and Wade are singing "True Colors" by Cyndi Lauper. Nice song choice that makes Cee Lo cry during rehearsals. They're both fairly off-pitch at different points, especially during harmonies. I think Wade has better control of his voice, but James has a purer tone.

Adam: Would go with James. His voice captured him.
Blake: Likes James' "merch."
Christina: Complimented Wade, but ultimately goes with James.
Cee Lo: James upped his confidence. Wade has inherent talent. Cee Lo goes with James! I'll take it if he keeps using Good Will Hunting quotes about "how you like them apples?" BOSTON.

2. Team Adam: Nicole Galyon and Mathai are singing "Love Song" by Sarah Bareilles. Nicole is obsessed with the piano, but has to sing without it. Ugh, Mathai does that weird forced vibrato thing that only works if you're a seasoned ska singer. Nicole's voice sounds kind of weak on the higher notes. This is like mediocre karaoke and the harmonies are gross. Tears.

Blake: Mathai had better breath support than Nicole.
Christina: Mathai outperformed Nicole.
Cee Lo: Nicole was generic, Mathai was a stronger singer.
Adam: Not happy with the performance in general. (Preach!) Mathai wins. Sure. I'll go with that.

3. Team Christina: Moses Stone vs. country duo The Line singing "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones. Weird combination of hip-hop, country, and R&B?The Line's harmonies sound dissonant or something and are weirdly robotic. Moses might not be as good of a singer as he is an MC, but he's working the stage and is entertaining. The male half of The Line is working for me. I can't decide how I feel about the overall product of the song, it's so odd. I'd choose Moses if only because I'd like to see where this goes.

Cee Lo: "My man, Moses" worked the stage, had personality. Group worked well together. Overall performance would go with Moses.
Adam: Unorthodox, but would go with The Line because they showed off their vocals more.
Blake: "That was pretty weird." Would go with The Line.
Christina: Diatribe about what "The Voice" means to her. Chooses Moses. Fun!

4. Team Adam: Karla Davis and Orlando Napier are singing "Rich Girl" by Hall and Oates. HAHAHAHA. One of my all-time favorites. Woah, reboot! They're trying a different song. "Easy" by the Commodores. Well, then. Orlando delights my blue-eyed soul. I like the chorus incorporates both their voices without forcing ugly harmonies. Karla has a sweetness to her voices from a mixed-voice rather than belting, which is pleasant to listen to. I don't know who I would choose. They were both...mellow.

Blake: Likes the sound of Karla's voice, but Orlando did a better overall performance.
Christina: Lackluster, but Karla was a little more entertaining.
Cee Lo: Liked BLUE-EYED SOUL of Orlando, would go with him.
Adam: Orlando has a very specific voice, Karla started to blossom. Winner is Karla. Cool, I'll take it.

5. Team Blake: Jordan Rager and Naia Kete are singing Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours." This could be adorable. Youngster Jordan had me at "Come on, y'all." Naia sounds nervous, but comes out stronger during her verse. Overall, this is mediocre although well matched, but Jordan is adorable.

Christina: Jordan had a solid performance, Naia had more of a natural groove, but "strayed off." Would go with Naia.
Cee Lo: Would have loved to see Jordan more confident. Naia was comfortable in this song and would choose her.
Adam: Applauds Jordan going out of his comfort zone. Would go with Naia.
Blake: Surprised that Naia was as nervous as she was and she missed notes. Jordan stepped up, but also had some pitch issues on the harmonies. Thought it was an even performance, but ends up choosing experienced Naia. I'LL MISS YOU, JORDAN.

6. Team Cee Lo: Tony Vincent and Justin Hopkins are singing Journey's "Faithfully." It's a power ballad-off. Tony has a very calculated break in his voice, and I much prefer Justin's gruff tone. However, this is an awesome performance, and it made me fall in love with this song again.

Adam: Likes the dirty/passionate voice of Justin. Felt like Tony was there the whole time and put on a great performance. Would go with Justin.
Blake: Tony may be a bit more versatile, but Justin had a more solid performance.
Christina: Responded to Justin's strong voice, but would go with Tony's versatility.
Cee Lo: Talks about the meaning of the song. Tony is more adaptable and enigmatic and he likes that. Justin really impressed him with a natural voice. Goes with Tony. I think I'll be entertained, but I'll miss Justin and his beard.

See you next week!

Random comments:
1. Jewel reads these singers so well. The Line is totally a wedding band.
2. Can Robin Thicke narrate my life?
3. Jordan has as big a crush on Miranda Lambert as I do.
4. Is Tony Powder by way of Gerard Way?
5. Ne-Yo is still my favorite assistant coach.

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