Live Commentarying The Voice: 3/19/2012

It's been a busy last couple days, but I'm back. Let's check out week 3 of the the Battles.

Billy Ocean is clearly the winner from this episode.

1. Team Adam: Pip and Nathan Parrett are singing Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good." I can't believe there's a dude named Pip. In high school I knew a Pip who was smart, off-putting, wore dragon shirts, and loved Ayn Rand. This Pip seems personable and wears suspenders. I kind of want to box both of these guys up because they're adorable. I don't know who I want to win. Pip is a little more solid.

Blake: Nathan has a big strong voice, but Pip can do anything.
Christina: Pip comes across of having done Broadway (Blake says it's his plaid pants), Nathan came across as nervous but commanded attnetion.
Cee Lo: Nathan came across as effortless cool and did Amy Winehouse proud. Nathan stole it for him.
Adam: Pip can do everything, Nathan was a refreshing surprise. Pip is the winner of the battle. I'll take it.

2. Team Cee Lo: Erin Martin vs. the Shields Brothers singing Tina Turner's "What's Love Got to Do With It." This might be brilliant, but I'm guessing disaster because I didn't like either of them that much in the auditions. Erin is obnoxious during rehearsals and doesn't understand how to do something other than be pretty. Ugh, Erin's weird pronunciation of words is the worst ("react" "reaaaaiiiiiickkkktt," "love" = "loheiirrrve") and takes her off pitch. There's also some squealing, and she's trying way too hard. The boys are totally pulling focus by being awesome, on pitch, and power ballad emotive.

Adam: That was so weird (agreed). Erin's crap takes her too far. The boys were having fun and he chooses them.
Blake: Glad Erin is wearing her leotard/garter thing and would choose her.
Christina: Bleeping loved it. Liked Erin's squeals and the boys' harmonies. Would go with Shields brothers.
Cee Lo: Afraid the Shields brothers could become gimmicky, and this song wasn't good for Erin. Goes with Erin. My soul dies. THE WORST.

3. Team Christina: Ashley De La Rosa and Jonathas will be singing "No Air" by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. Puke at the song choice. This is a pretty solid duet. Their voices fit the song and they play off each other well. I could go either way.

Cee Lo: Very nice on stage and they worked well together. Ashley showed off more of her range.
Adam: Both comfortable on stage and had chemistry. Might pick Ashley.
Blake: Jonathas stayed at the same level the whole song, but Ashley tried more things.
Christina: Seen Ashley grow a lot, Jonathas is a solid performer. Goes with Ashley. It'll be fun to see how she grows.

4. Team Blake: ALyX and Jermaine Paul are singing Billy Ocean's "Get Outta My Dreams and Into My Car." What the hell? Great choice, Blake. Love me some adult contemporary, and I love that Blake wants them to have fun. Hahahahahahaha this performance delights me. Jermaine is really selling the song to the audience. ALyX is keeping up, although she's a little flat and doesn't seem to realize how hilarious this song is.

Christina: Jermaine made the song his own. ALyX gets a "great effort."
Cee Lo: Enjoyed his performance and confidence.
Adam: Jermaine took this song and kicked it's ass.
Blake: Compliments ALyX's confidence as well as Jermaine's. Jermaine wins!!! Yay! His voice is like butter.

5. Team Adam: Angel Taylor and Katrina Parker are singing "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis. Again, bored face. Katrina comes in very strong and stays on pitch. Angel sounds, but isn't selling the song as well. Mostly, I'm very impressed by Katrina.

Blake: Likes the break in Angel's voice, Katrina won this round. (Agree).
Christina: Liked the interesting rasp in Angel's voice. Liked that Katrina was a more multi-dimensional singer.
Cee Lo: Came alive in the second verse of the song. Katrina came in confident and stayed throughout.
Adam: (Adorable hiding in his cardigan.) Katrina had a lot power and command. Angle had uniqueness that was potent. Has to go with Katrina. Yay!

6. Team Blake: Gwen Sebastian and Erin Willett are singing "We Belong" by Pat Benatar. Great song choice, Blake. Already have goosebummps with Gwen's first verse. I love this song so much! They sound great on the chorus harmonies and perform well together. I don't know who I liked better since they were both good, just different styles.

Christina: Liked Gwen's rasp and Erin's power. Gravitated more toward Erin.
Cee Lo: Again points out vocal differences. Would go with Gwen.
Adam: Liked the richness and warmth of Erin's voice, but thought both were fantastic.
Blake: Wished the performances weren't so good. He has a hard time choosing, but ends up going with Erin. I'll accept that.

Random comments:
1. Alanis Morisette and Adam Levine are proponents of staying faithful to a melody. LOVE.
2. I'm pretty sure Cee Lo just referenced Steve Winwood's "Valerie" in rehearsals.
3. Babyface calling the Shields Brothers Wayan's World makes my life.
4. Can Miranda Lambert be my best friend? She's so common sense.

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