Live-blogging The Voice: March 5, 2012

The Battle Rounds, y'all! The singers are competing against their own teammates. Half the teams (6 out of 12) will be eliminated after these rounds.

Team Adam:
Tony Lucca and Chris Cauley will be singing U2's "Beautiful Day." That's boring. Also, it reminds me of my sister and I yelling "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY" in the chorus of that song because Bono is straight up singing out of his range that entire chorus.

The harmonies already making this song better.

Alanis Morisette is the adviser helping out Tony. Blah blah blah, integrity in being famous I guess. Hmmmm, Tony's yell of "DAAAAAY" is more musical than Bono even if he's not super comfortable in that range.

Yay! Robin Thicke is advising Chris. They talk about performing and body language.

Even the opening notes remind me that I hate this song. Once Tony gets out of the lower range of the first verse, he becomes my favorite in this battle, even if the higher notes sound like they take more effort. Chris is doing well, too, I just prefer Tony. I just love an ex-Mousekateer. The dynamics of two voices really saved this song.

Blake: Chris has more consistent pitch.

Christina: Pulling for former ex-mousekateer, but compliments Chris's vocals.

Cee Lo: Tony articulated the song better, although Chris was also good.

Adam: (He's wearing a nice cardigan.) Chris more theatrical. He had no idea it would be this close. (Why is carson holding their wrists). Adam picks Tony! Good choice. This is why Adam is my imaginary The Voice best friend.

Chris is a classy loser.

Team Blake
They're at some ranch. Adley Stump and Raelynn are up first, singing "Free Fallin'" by Tom Petty. Blake likes the differences in their voices.

Raelynn is trying to put a lot of extra notes in there. Blake pulls her back. Adley sounds good.

Blake's wife Miranda Lambert is advising Raelynn. Miranda Lambert is flawless. Blake and Miranda are giving a lot of good advice about working with the voice she's got.

Kelly Clarkson is advising Adley. Adley is kind of charming. Kelly is a good cheerleader and talks about using a soft voice when harmonizing with Raelynn and still show off her big voice.

Product placement for Kia? With Miranda lambert's voice on the car's phone setting? Whatever, Adley's got great huge hair and Raelynn is keeping her soft curls. (In case you're wondering).

RaeLynn is a bit off key at the beginning and is giving way too much styling. Adley comes in nice with the harmonies. RaeLynn has much more power on high notes and her style is very classy. She seems like the clear winner in this battle. RaeLynn just sounds as young as she is (17), although she's giving it her all.

Christina: Compliments RaeLynn's guts, and Adley's lungs.

Cee Lo: Raelynn is adorable/youthful, has time to grow. Adley is present and more experienced. Adley is his choice.

Adam: Long notes difficult. Would go with RaeLynn because she's more unique. (False, that's a terrible critique).

Blake: Figuring out who was telling a good story. RaeLynn wins. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I guess she has more room to grow? Adley was a professional is classy on her way out.

Team Christina:
Chris Mann and Monique Benabou are matched up singing "The Power of Love" by Celine Dion. Chris is well-trained and operatic, Monique is pop-y and her speaking voice sounds thrashed.

Chris is keeping his classical voice. Monique has a hard time with reading music and harmonies. Luckily, Monique has some power behind her voice.

Lionel Richie is the adviser for Chris. He's a perfectionist and in his head. Cheerleading. Also, what the trash is Christina wearing?

Jewel is helping prepare Monique. They're trying to get her to relax and use her emotion to get an advantage over Chris.

Monique is all breathy, Chris is all Vibrato City. The pronoun switching in the chorus in weird. My brother just stated that the TV sounds broken. Monique's voice fits the song better. The high note harmony has not gone well. They're close body language creep me out.

Cee Lo: Monique sounded good, thinks Chris is one of the best.

Adam: Liked Chris initially.

Blake: Defends Monique's performance.

Christina: Chooses Chris. At least he was on-pitch!

Team CeeLo
Chessa and Angie Johnson are up first singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Lol.

Chessa makes them transpose up a half key. Then Angie was all, let's bring it up another half step.

Babyface (remember him?) is advising Chessa. Cee Lo wore his silk jammies today. This song is getting out of her range.

Angie is working with Ne-yo. I wish Ne-yo was singing with Angie; their harmonizing is delicious. He compliments her range of dynamics and vocal range. Can Ne-yo be on this show every week?

I'm in love with this performance. They seem well matched. Their voices are almost too similar to differeniate, although Chessa is a little more gritty while Angie is more polished and capable of reaching the high notes. I might have to side with Angie.

Adam: Both were powerful and great at different times. Maybe would go with Chessa.

Blake: Both ranged from average-great moments. Sides with Angie.

Christina: Good match. Chessa at the beginning, Angie toward the end. Sides with Angie.

Cee Lo: Proud of the gals. Chessa had articulation, Angie had emotion. Cee Lo goes with Chessa. I'm okay with that, although I'm bummed that Angie's out.

Team Blake
Blake chooses Brian Fuente and Jordis Unga to sing Alanis Morisette's "Ironic." Huh. Blake tries to do the "rock on" sign.

I really like the piano player. Jordis is going to have to "become" this song. Whatever that means.

Brian meets with Blake and Kelly Clarkson. Kelly makes him "commit" to the song. My brother is making me sing. He's nervous about singing with a girl and singing solo rather than in a band.

Jordis meets Miranda. She's super emotional, I guess.

Jordis goes for the grit pretty early in the song. Brian sounds nice in the lower harmony. I really wish Brian was on pitch because I like his voice. He sounds better on the chorus. This was kind of a "meh" performance overall.

Christina: Talks about "teaching moments" throughout the song. Goes with Jordis.

Cee Lo: Likes Brian's aggression, I guess.

Adam: Going with Jordis.

Blake: Didn't like either performance. (Truth). Goes with Jordis, which I guess makes sense.

Team Christina
He's pairing Anthony Evans and Jesse Campbell to sing "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys. It's a soul-off.

Lionel Richie is telling Jesse to "not outdo."

Anthony is working with Jewel. Jewel wants trills for emotion, not for vanity.

Have we discussed the sparkly plate on Christina's head? Incredible. Anyway, this is a silky performance. I think I prefer Jesse's voice. It's a little more effortless. I'm loving this end-of-song breakdown. Tough choice.

Cee Lo: Thoroughly impressed.

Adam: Mind blown. Would pick Jesse.

Blake: Loved the performance, might go with Jesse.

Christina: She ultimately picks Jesse. Well done.

See you next week!

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