Taking advice from the media: How to find the love of your life 3

There's much more advice to be taken from the media on your love life, but part 3 will conclude this week's online seminar in how to find the love of your life. (parts 1 and 2)

1. Warm up to the person you married out of boredom and then may or may not have cheated on. (The Painted Veil)

2. Make your friends confront your crush because your only direct(ish) interactions with him/her are through bizarre haunted house rides. (Amelie)

3. Start a long-standing banter. (Much Ado About Nothing)

4. Fall in love with the painting of a (presumed) dead person. (Laura)

5. Promise to meet up with a brief fling at a well-known landmark. (An Affair to Remember)

6. Go for the fun brother. (While You Were Sleeping)

7. Give sound but unwanted advice. (Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel)

8. Become the cliche that falls for their bosses. (Two Weeks Notice)

9. Give your roommate/co-worker a chance. (Someone Like You)

10. Remember: outsiders have more fun. (Gone With the Wind)

And by special request:

11. Hook up with a friend of a friend: it's easier than a friend. (When Harry Met Sally)

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