Because sometimes you need to watch obscure Jeff Goldblum movies.

Thank God It's Friday (1978)

Apparently it's Friday night and everyone is going to DISCO! Jeff Goldblum plays a womanizing discotech owner. The Commodores are there, along with countless other people in the club including the high school students who sneak in, a horny and really New Yorky guy, an uptight married couple, Deborah Winger, a manic pixie dreamgirl, the over-enthusiastic DJ, and Donna Summer. And most importantly, "the Leatherman" who has an overly long dance scene in the middle of a parking lot:

I'm not sure why this movie exists.

Into the Night (1985)

Like the last 1980s neo-noir film I watched, this movie makes absolutely no sense. Written by the man you brought the world the mediocre TV shows "Beauty and the Beast" and "Moonlight," Ron Koslow is incapable of creating a coherent plotline. Every scene brings a new villain with a new ethnicity. Two very telling things about this film: Dan Akroyd shows up for only 5 minutes at the beginning of the film, and John Landis--the director himself--plays one of the bumbling Persians. Sigh. It switches from emotionless and dull to slapstick to Jeff Goldblum's confused face to some awkward cameo. I think it was supposed to be funny kind of on purpose, but it was so, so terrible. And there's an inexplicable soundtrack by BB King.

Basic plot: Michelle Pfieffer stole some jewels or something and is now being chased by Persians/men of ambiguous ethnicity and makes insomniac Jeff Goldblum help her out. Violent/humorous moments ensue forever.

Honestly, the only highlight was David Bowie:

Side note: was Jeff Goldblum even shot on the same day as the rest of the actors when he didn't have to be? I'm going to go ahead and assume not.

Vibes (1988)

Hey look! A competently made film! It's the sort of movie I would to expect to be on Saturday morning cable in the 90s, except I'd never seen Vibes before. Here's the trailer:

All you really need to know is this: Jeff Goldblum is at his Dr. Malcolm best, albeit with less smarm. He doesn't belong in a disco or a neo-noir, he and his "what the hell am I doing here?" face need to be in comedic roles always. Another thing you need to know: Cyndi Lauper is a good actress. This role required her to talk to a spirit, Louise, the whole time, and she pulls it off beautifully. And the two of them together actually have some cute chemistry. And oh my gosh they tango.

I love comedic action-adventure.

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