While watching Easy A...

...it occurred to me that the charming Emma Stone:

reminds me of the charming Lauren Graham:

I think it's partially to do with the pop culture-laden dialogue of Easy A that matches the similarly scripted Gilmore Girls. But also just find both of them so everyday quirky-cool. Like, at some point in my life I could achieve that level of awesome if I could figure out how to say wonderfully spazzy things that would come out funny instead of weird.

Here's possibly my favorite part of the movie because this was how I spent many-a weekend in high school, sans dog:

Also fun: Ferris Buellering in the shower. I would see this movie again just to catch all the 80s teen movie references. Also, because I have a girl crush on Emma Stone. Also, because it's funny. Did I mention Stanley Tucci looks weirdly good in a Henley shirts? Overshare? Too bad, you now know I found Stanley Tucci mildly attractive in this movie. Now watch this clip of him being ADORABLE.

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