Taking advice from the media: How to find the love of your life

So I've managed to make some friends with some of the neato techniques I picked up from film and television (parts 1 and 2), but now I feel compelled by the media to find the love of my life. After all, the only way I'm going to be content in life is if I find a man to share it with, amirite? So anyway, here's part 1 of 3 of how to find the love of your life based on movies in my roommates' and my own DVD collections.

1. Adopt a helpful--although perhaps conniving--stranger as your travel companion. (It Happened One Night)

2. Be flirtatiously caustic. (Love Story)

3. Spend time with your neurotic neighbor. (Breakfast at Tiffany's)

4. Force your way into the life of exactly the wrong person. (The Way We Were)

5. Private dancing lessons. (Dirty Dancing)

6. Become a casebook example of Stockholm Syndrome. (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

7. Fall for the savior of mankind. (Titan A.E.)

8. Give your number to a closeted genius. (Good Will Hunting)

9. Recruit a hot, young thing for your money-making scheme. (Anastasia)

10. Fall for the subject of your big news article. (Roman Holiday)


  1. I'm ashamed. "When Harry Met Sally" is nowhere to be found. It is clearly the end-all of movie advice for any age, ethnicity, or circumstance.

  2. Lady said it's a three parter. I have faith that When Harry Met Sally will be on the list. Also, Kelsy, you are, as ever, my hero.

  3. Ditto the hero part. I'm in love with your how to series.

  4. Thanks for your defense, Miss Margaux.

  5. Now I'm ashamed of me. Well done Kelsy!

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