In which I talk about The Thorn Birds

I read The Thorn Birds my junior year of high school in a Vicodin-addled fit of AP test studying procrastination*. Needless to say, I loved the forbidden romance between a priest and the woman he helped raise. In the outback of Australia. In the early 20th Century. Truth, my favorite part of the book was the last part with the cast-off daughter Justine and her German lover, but you can't beat a good star-crossed romance. Especially when it's turned into an epically awfsome miniseries.

Now, I bought the miniseries about 5 years ago and have only made it all the way through once. Today, my roommate was watching disc 2, and I remembered why it was so great:

Does it blow anyone else's mind that Richard Chamberlain is almost 50 here? Seriously.

Right? RIGHT? Just when you couldn't get any campier, it DOES. And boy, does that barn see a lot of action.

*Passed 'em all, suckers.


  1. hahaha oh television, thank you for being all that you are. don't apologize.