Everyone covers Dylan: "Tangled Up in Blue"

Inspired by Cubism, "Tangled Up in Blue" attempts to defy time and to bring multiple perspectives into one song. All I know is that it paints a lovely picture. It was released as a single on the 1975 album, Blood on the Tracks.

1974 performance in which Bob Dylan has a case of cocaine face:

No really, what's on his face?

The Indigo Girls from their live album, 1200 Curfews (1995). I love how the words sound coming from women:

Sorry it cuts off early. It's lovely.

More lady singer action with KT Tunstall. Love her voice:

I wish I liked her original work as much as I like her covers.

Great White (yes, that Great White) tangled up on their 2002 cover album, Recover. Surprisingly mellow:

Shark attack?

The Jerry Garcia Band in 1990. It's pretty long, but it's a good cover:

Who knew I'd liked Jerry Garcia?

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