Medley of the Day: Sun worship

It's sunny in the Pacific Northwest today, which means it is both gorgeous and not raining. In celebration, have a medley.

First up, Local Natives give us chant-filled ode to the sun, "Sun Hands" (2009).

Also, does the lead singer looks like a more adorable version of mustachioed Freddie Mercury, or am I just obsessed with Freddie Mercury and mustaches?

More hipster pagan-rhythms, you say? Here's Yeasayer's "Sunrise" (2008):

Good to see David Byrne's dance moves live on.

But what if you want a made up, pseudo-Romance language to describe your love of the sun? "Sun King" from The Beatles' Abbey Road (1969):

Sounds like someone learned Iberian Spanish!

Go outside already.

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