Highlights of Love with the Proper Stranger (1963)

When a one-night stand results in pregnancy, a musician and a young girl try to resolve the issue together. (via)

This isn't a spectacular movie, but when the leading roles are so attractive and the film makes an effort to explore a complicated relationship, I enjoy myself.

Main highlights:

1. Steve McQueen in a romantic leading role. Not needing to show much range besides frustration, anger, and occasionally resigned kindness, this role works for him.

2. Natalie Wood's hair. It almost makes me want bangs again, even though I never really like having bangs, but they look adorable on her. Does any one else have this problem every time they see a good pair of bangs?

It also makes me want to curl my hair, but then I remember how lazy I am in the morning, so I should probably stop obsessing about her hair.

3. Aren't we all glad abortions aren't given in sketchy apartments and done by sketchy non-doctors anymore?

4. Both Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood are playing Italians with ridiculously stereotypical parents. I guess once you've played a Puerto Rican, you can play anything vaguely ethnic. But Steve McQueen? McQueen?

5. The ending scene made me giggle profusely, because I am actually a really girly romantic if you give me enough realism to go on. And someone might do this...maybe:

That's a banjo he's playing there, if you can't tell.
(Huge smile on my face.)

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