20 Favorite Actors

In response to the Film Experience Blog, my top 20 actors. This is a pretty arbitrary list, with some ridiculous picture choices:

Hugh Jackman

Clark Gable

Cary Grant

Tom Hanks

Harrison Ford

Robert Downey Jr.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Gene Kelly

Yul Brynner

Edward Norton

Steve McQueen

Anthony Hopkins

Takeshi Kaneshiro

Gregory Peck

Kenneth Branagh

Denzel Washington

Colin Firth

Joaquin Phoenix

Mark Ruffalo

Steve Zahn


  1. I have that same pic for Cary Grant.

    Glad you included Hopkins and Day Lewis...

    No Spencer Tracy:(.

  2. I've only seen a few Spencer Tracy movies, and none of them have blown me away. I will say that he provides fantastic comic relief.

  3. Ed Norton ! How'd I miss that? Good job! And the rest of the list is also amazing (especailly Steve McQueen and Robert Downey Jr.)!

  4. FUN. I may have to be cheap and steal this idea.

  5. How did I forget Robert Downey Jr.?