The Audacity of Rock: Part 22

The not-live live video.

It's time for another video analysis comparison. While most music videos show a band playing "live," some strive for a more authentic feel. This can either turn out kind of cool or kind of douchey.

"Wanted Dead of Alive" by Bon Jovi (1987)

I'm going to go ahead and admit I find this video kind of cool despite myself. The sweat, the shots of lone band members, the black and white all just work for me. Although there is an edge of self-indulgent in featuring the fan signage and claiming that they've "seen a million faces and rocked them all." I guess you might as well go big in stating your awesomeness if you're going to try at all.

"Weightless" by All Time Low (2009)

I find this music video disturbing, not just because people are fawning over 12-year-olds I've never heard of, but because it has the audacity to presume to know what every one is thinking in a meta-attempt at humor. Unfortunately, it's not funny, it's douchey. And this isn't even real concert footage. Also, this song is boring. Nothing personal--haha.

Questions to ponder:

1. How much cooler would these videos be if they were actually performed live?
2. Could these songs be more cliche-ridden?

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