Medley of the Day: 70s awesome edition

What follows are songs that I always associate together, probably for their strong and simple percussion, but mostly for their gritty sing-along-ability.

1. "Bad Company" by Bad Company. A supergroup that consisted of some of the band from the next song. A little theatrical with awesomely mysterious lyrics.

2. "All Right Now" by Free. Fun vocals, great beat, simple chorus = awesome.

3. "Mississippi Queen" by Mountain. If I have to explain why the sensual guitar and vocals are so awesome, you need to get your rock gland checked. Also, includes my favorite sentence tag of all time, if you know what I mean.


  1. Have you realized that your destiny might be to become a deejay?

    Hope you're feeling better, Kelsy.

  2. Well, if grad school doesn't work out, I guess deejaying is an option. Also, I'm feeling better, thanks.