I just realized I love Embeth Davidtz

I've noticed Embeth Davidtz in a smattering of great films: Schindler's List, Bridget Jones' Diary, Army of Darkness, etc. But there's a few that I adore her in:

1. The sexed-up version of Mansfield Park (1999) as the saucy Miss Crawford. I'd need to read the book again to really compare, but this version of the film brings out a lot of undertones which are 1) pretty legit themes to bring out, and 2) make the story actually entertaining. Anyway, Ms. Davidtz's role is a big part of that.

Here's Embeth's Miss Crawford stirring up trouble with Alessandro Nivola's Mr. Crawford.

2. In the endearing indie film Junebug (2005) as the new wife Madeleine. Not only do you get to see another sweet Davidtz/Nivola pair up (see my blog header for proof), but also see some great acting. You can clearly see Madeleine's discomfort, awkwardness, and attempt at fitting in at her in-laws' house.

Embeth checking out some artwork by a self-taught artist*.

3. But what really won me over--and I just figured this out--is that she played Miss Honey in Matilda (1996). AKA one of only a few non-Disney movies that we actually owned when I was a kid, and that's only because it was a gift**. This is to say I watched it a lot when I was 10-11 years old***. Miss Honey was the kindest sweetest teacher, with my dream house. Which is really like a cozy cottage. Plus, she helps defeat the evil Miss. Truchbull****. I think her only downside is that she let's Matilda choose Moby Dick as a bedtime story at the end of the film.

This is the moment when Miss Honey should have given Matilda the greatest lesson a person can ever learn: Herman Melville will only break your heart with promises of grandeur, but he'll only give you the dullest and most pedantic reading of your life.

But she's so perfect and lovely, your really can't hold it against her too much. Thanks, Embeth, for the tweenage memories.

*Who is played by Frank Hoyt Taylor who played the awesome Uncle Bogg on the TV show Christy.

**My parents were never crazy strict about movies, we just didn't own very many. My mother, to my knowledge, only repeat watches two movies every decade or so: Moonstruck and A Town Like Alice.
***Except the cake eating part. I can think of nothing more terrible than being forced to eat more than you can stomach. Poor fat kid...at least he got to feel up Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer.
****My middle school choir teacher, I swear, looked exactly like Miss Trunchbull, especially the low ponytail of thick, curly hair.


  1. I LOVE MATILDA!!! And Embeth? What a peculiar little name... She is extremely endearing.

  2. I am a big fan of her since I saw her in Matilda.