From an indirect recommendation from Anne, I decided to check out Delicatessen (1991), a delightfully quirky film directed by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Quick summary of action: An unsuspecting Louison moves into a building where, because of a food shortage, residents are killed by the butcher on the first floor to feed the rest of the hungry residents. Julie is the butcher's daughter, but she has a good heart and falls for Louison. The rest of the film is about saving him from death.

The dark plot is juxtaposed to the delightful interior settings and eccentric characters in a very communal building. It might get too twee and ridiculous for some, but I loved it and was thoroughly entertained the whole time. To say any more would ruin the fun of watching each new and quirky event/character pop up, but the lovely visuals are so fun I thought I'd share.

As an intro, I probably would have a hard time placing when this film was made if I didn't look it up since it looks so timeless. The quirkiness somehow doesn't date it since it looks more mid-20th Century than anything. Anyway, enjoy:

Even from the credits you know this is going to be visually awesome.

The exterior to the building with the sketchy delicatessen. I love how House of Usher creepy it is.

Louison unpacking part of his past.

Louison entertaining the two latchkey kids that live in the building.
Dominique Pinon's physicality in this scene is a great use of subtlety to establish character.

Even chaotic scenes are beautifully staged.

The other tenants of the building are pretty hilarious.

Julie and Louison bond over music on a cello and a saw.

Probably my favorite scene (much better in action) where Louison helps Mademoiselle Plusse with her squeaky mattress. They bounce on the bed and move along to the hula performance on the television to find the squeaky spring.

Julie talking to her father while he threateningly scrapes large knives together.

The butcher once again.

Suffice it to say that the night that an old performance by Louison is on TV, the most ridiculous/delightful chaos breaks out.
Can I use delightful one more time?


  1. I saw this movie a few months ago and found it equally delightful! haha :)

  2. You really can't overuse the word "delightful" in reference to this film because there's simply no better way to describe it. You've made me anxious to watch it again.