Dylan McDermott: Great supporting character

I made a discovery yesterday while watching Home for the Holidays: Dylan McDermott and his his glorious hair really put the finishing touch on perfectly enjoyable films. I remember my sister being in love with Dylan when he was on The Practice, but I was too young to enjoy the show, and therefore didn't bask in his glory then.

But I do now.

In Steel Magnolias (1989), Mr. McDermott plays Jackson Latcherie, aka Shelby's (Julia Roberts) husband. We join the story when the two are getting married, but other than a few more appearances, he's kind of pushed aside to let the women shine (and really, who can outshine Dolly Parton? Answer: no one). Even when Jackson's own wife is dying, we see more of the mother's suffering than his own, but he's a good husband and son-in-law. And has awesome hair.
Poor guy can't compete with such an awesome female cast.

In Home for the Holidays, Dylan McDermott plays Leo Fish who joins the messed up Larsen family for Thanksgiving dinner. Initially thought to be Tommy's (Robert Downey, Jr.) boyfriend, it turns out he was there to give Claudia (Holly Hunter) something good in her life and a chance to spend some time with a good guy. For how calm Leo is during the whole holiday debacle, he seems like a keeper. And he even sings poorly to Aunt Gladys. Keeper.

McDermott and Downy, Jr.: Could there be more attractiveness and adorableness in this picture? Answer: Probably not.

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