Medley of the Day: Saxophone Edition

I take back any prejudice I've ever had against the saxophone. Somewhere along the line I started to hate the sound of the sax because it sounds so dated; it somehow manages to either sound cheesy or sleazy--which is true to an extent. But recently I discovered I really do love this sultry woodwind.

One of the reasons is because of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon which features the saxophone extensively and tastefully. Here's "Us and Them", complete with creepy visuals from 2001: Space Odyssey:

Another reason is the discovery of Supertramp. My friend Michael queued me into this ubiquitous band and I find them everywhere! "It's Raining Again" features some sweet sax solos mixed with pop perfection:

And what really sparked this medley is "New York State of Mind" by Billy Joel, which came on shuffle while I was cleaning a bathroom. I realized I really dug the sweet mixture of piano and sax. I found this bad quality video of the song that I'm only using because of the saxophone player's outfit: let's just say denim vest*.

*See the Festivus episode of Seinfeld.

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