Best Reality Show Ever

I'll just be upfront about this: So You Think You Can Dance? is way better than America's Next Top Model and I love ANTM. In the world of reality television, So You Think You Can Dance? just warms my heart. It reminds me of when I was 9 years old, watching the gymnastics competition of the 1996 summer Olympics and thinking, "I could totally do that, and should." Granted, I never became a gymnast--only a mediocre participant in the gymnastics program middle school*.

But dance! I love dance. Again, I'm an alright dancer. I was a member of my middle school and high school dance teams. My sophomore year of high school my team took state for our Stomp inspired "novelty/prop" routine in which I got to be in the more advanced segment that involved dancing with a jump rope (impressive, I know). But, I busted my knee the next year on the day of our first competition during our team's warm-up time on the gym floor. Talk about the crappiest year ever.

And even though I wasn't ever completely into dance, I loved it and still do. I wish I could do a lot more with my body than I can now. I've taken a couple beginning dance classes in modern and social dance, but I miss leaping and pirouetting and smiling like the complete cornball that I secretly am (or not so secretly).

Anyway, that's a long way to say that I'm so excited So You Think You Can Dance? is back on. I love watching the routines and getting excited about how good the contestants are doing. The show is overwhelmingly positive. The only negative comments are told to help the dancers get better because the judges care about these kids. You can see actual improvement over the season as these dancers expand their repertoires of dance, unlike American Idol where I swear nothing ever happens. Last night was the first official episode of the season and I'd like to share my favorite dances:

First is a quirky/adorable routine choreographed by Mia Michaels, who always does something unique and awesome. Chelsea H and Mark performed this dance that was supposed to be an odd wedding. It reminds me of all those weird couples that are completely adorable, but as my mom always says, there's a lid for every pot**.

The other one I adored was a slow hip-hop routine (I am such a sucker for slow hip-hop) choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon about a guy telling his girlfriend he's going off to war the next day. Katee and Joshua sold me on this. So. Good.

Best show ever.

*I did, however, become very skilled at changing out of a leotard in to school clothes on a moving bus without flashing people.
**Yeah, she actually said that.


  1. Not only does Mom say that, but now *I* say it! It ranks almost as high on my list of Mom-isms as "What, are your arms painted on?"

  2. Not only does Lauren now say it, so do I!! I also frequently say "are your arms painted on?"

    Clearly your mother has had a greater influence on me than you might think.