The Voice recaps

Don't worry guys, I'm still going to recap The Voice, I just don't want to recap auditions. You still want a recap of auditions?

Back-story manipulation.
Christina being sassy and a little bit annoying.
Adam being good looking and manipulative.
Blake being the cutest.
Cee-Lo being chill and being overtly sexual.
Occasional heartbreaking rejection.
Lots of inter-judge fighting.
Tears. Lots of tears.
Hugs. So many hugs.

Mostly, I just like that the show doesn't put completely talentless singers up for mocking and is slightly more edgy than American Idol. It's the small things, really.

Anyway, there's at least a week or two left of auditions. Hopefully, I'll have a new laptop* by the time the competition heats up, and I can live/day-late blog for y'all.

*any recommendations? My lappy just died.

ETA: This Prince medley delights me more than words can say.

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