2011 Movie Roundup: 65-86

More movies I saw in 2011. See also: 1-21, 22-42, 43-64.

65. Friends with Benefits (2011)-- Can't decide how much I like this movie, but I was charmed but some of the more genuine moments (i.e., those that didn't involve flash mobs or pretending Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake are employable for anything other than hotness).

66. X-Men: First Class (2011)-- I could watch James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender do anything. However, if I never watch another superhero origin story, I'll die happy.

67. Walking and Talking (1996)-- Introduced me to Billy Bragg. Worth it.

68. Starter for 10 (2006)-- James McAvoy and Rebecca Hall are charming.

69. Becoming Jane (2007)-- I'm embarrassed for myself for watching this film, and for Anne Hathaway's terrible English accent.

70. Reality Bites (1994)-- Eeeh, not as bad I thought it would be. Pretty watchable. Ethan Hawke makes a good douchebag.

71. Horrible Bosses (2011)-- One of those movies you see because you don't really want to watch anything else in the theaters and you need something to do. Charlie Day manages to made me laugh at least once.

72. Dangerous Beauty (1998)-- Watched this for Rufus Sewell. Kind of a terrible, soft focus, historical drama.

73. Mr. Death: The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Leuchter Jr. (1999)-- Fascinating documentary about a man claimed to be an execution device expert and how he turns into a Holocaust denier. Officially love Errol Morris.

74. Empire Records (1995)-- I'm about ten years older than I should have been to truly enjoy this film. However, Ethan Embry forever.

75. Wishful Thinking (1996)-- Did I even watch this movie? It stars Jon Stewart, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Beale?

76. Trollhunter (2010)-- Finally, someone takes the found footage genre and makes it fun and Norwegian.

77. 30 Minutes or Less (2011)-- Danny McBride is the worst. Jesse Eisenberg is wonderful when he's frantic.

78. Adam (2009)-- Hugh Dancy puts a good effort into playing a man with Asperger's. Rose Byrne puts in a mediocre effort into playing a human being.

79. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)-- Finally saw the whole thing. I'm probably way too young to really appreciate the film, but I enjoy its portrayal of teenagers since it seems a lot more honest than most teen films today.

80. The Usual Suspects (1995)-- Kind of like that time I finally saw A Beautiful Mind, and I already knew the twist and the experience was less than mind blowing. Except The Usual Suspects is actually interesting/well-crafted/suspenseful/engaging/any positive adjective.

81. Love Jones (1997)-- Charming. Makes me wonder whatever happened to spoken word, Nia Long, and Bill Bellamy.

82. One Day (2011)-- The return of Anne Hathaway's awful English accent, although there was still enough charm to make it enjoyable (think The Lake House). I'm kind of pissed they relegated Romola Garai to a minor role.

83. Staying Alive (1983)-- John Travolta plays an asshole and a mediocre dancer in this poorly scripted sequel to Saturday Night Fever. Cynthia Rhodes and Frank Stallone's smooth grooves were clearly the best part of the film.

84. 50/50 (2011)-- Confused why this is so praised. Anna Kendrick and Seth Rogen play the same characters they always do (it's getting old), and Bryce Dallas Howard is the shrewish girlfriend (a more nuanced look at this character would have GREAT to see). Joseph Gordon-Leavitt and Anjelica Huston however hold the thing together enough to make it worth it.

85. Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)-- Mainstream clever. Wish I could box up Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's relationship for sad, depressing, rainy days.

86. Dangerous Liaisons (1988)-- John Malkovich is my favorite creepy seducer. He's equal parts repulsive and humorous, and I can never get over how that sweet sounding lisp of his sounds like pure evil. Also, remember how Keanu Reeves kept getting cast in period pieces?

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