2011 Movie Roundup: 43-64

More movies I saw for the first time in 2011. See also: 1-21, 22-42.

43. Y Tu Mama, Tambien (2001)-- Cute boys, beautiful woman, sexy times.

44. Secretary (2002)-- James Spader, once again being emotionally damaged and creepily alluring, this time with Maggie Gyllenhaal being adorably submissive.

45. Bridesmaids (2011)-- One of the few Apatow produced movies that I actually found funny. Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig can sell me on anything.

46. High Road (2011)-- I saw this at SIFF. It's more proof that improvised movies are exceedingly dull (except for the Lizzy Caplan parts, of course).

47. Lust, Caution (2007)-- INTENSE. One of the better films about the toll of the spying life.

48. Dan in Real Life (2007)-- Why would Juliette Binoche date Dane Cook?

49. Teeth (2007)-- Apparently I went through a 2007 phase this spring. Anyway, great premise that allows the myth of vagina dentata to shine light on abstinence and religion. Too bad the third act falls apart.

50. The New World (2005)-- Not without its flaws, but it makes up for it by being so beautiful and meditative. I'd say it's heavy competition for Bright Star in its representation of young love, but manages to do it in a way that actually moves me.

51. Easier with Practice (2009)-- Late night Netflix choice that is a decent movie about loneliness. And by "decent," I mean less painful than most indie movies.

52. Killing Bono (2011)-- It's about the band that was almost U2. It never leaves "sad sack" territory, so the laughs never really come.

53. The Piano (1993)-- Speaking of Jane Campion, I wanted so badly to be taken into this film, but it stopped short. It's like listening to someone play a piano sonatina with a heavy hand--it's just not quite right. However, there's beautiful cinematography and a brilliant Holly Hunter.

54. Humpday (2009)-- Interesting indie movie about straight, male friends who try to sleep together for an amateur porn festival. It's better than it sounds, I swear. Smartly written.

55. Super 8 (2011)-- Fun and instantly forgettable summer adventure film. Loved the kids' zombie film.

56. The Muppet Movie (1979)-- I can't believe I never seen this movie before, but it showed me why muppet movies are such a big deal in the first place.

57. Anyone and Everyone (2007)-- This documentary depicts families dealing with a son or daughter coming out as gay. Sometimes heartwarming, sometimes heartbreaking, I was an emotional wreck after watching this film. The Mormon family was especially touching because the they were so supportive. Recommended for anyone trying to reconcile homosexuality and religion.

58. Attack the Block (2011)-- British street kids and aliens. 'nuff said.

59. Wet Hot American Summer (2001)-- This movie wasn't nearly as funny as I had heard. Christopher Meloni was best in show as the crazy Vietnam vet.

60. Muriel’s Wedding (1994)-- I don't really think I get Australian comedy, but I always enjoy Toni Collette.

61. The Tree of Life (2011)-- The most spiritual moment of my year was seeing this film. Beautiful and transcendent with a gorgeous soundtrack.

62. Planet Terror/Death Proof (2007)-- I'm just lumping these two together. I enjoyed the gross-out horror style of Planet Terror much more than the loooooong buildup of Death Proof, although Death Proof has a great car chase scene in the end.

63. The Waiting Room (2007)-- I vaguely remember watching this movie. Another mediocre indie.

64. Half Nelson (2006)-- This film and Ryan Gosling's acting were just as good as I had heard. An indie movie that does well at developing characters and character arcs.


  1. I have a nostalgic love for Secretary. I watched it in my early teenage R-rated movie rebellion and I attribute Maggie's full frontal scene with the moment I finally became comfortable with the shape of my braless breasts... true story.