Watch I'm watching while studying

Finals week is a week where I do a lot of pretending to study. I stop hanging out with people, confine myself to the library or my house, take out my notes, and realize the silence is killing me and I'm just falling asleep. And then I pretend that having something mindless on in the background will help me concentrate/give me something to entertaining to look at and not fall asleep. Who know if this works, but at least I've got my notes out and am absorbing something, even if it's just greater pop culture knowledge*.

Anyway, taking advantage of a locally owned video store's 5 for $5 deal, these are the movies I've rented to watch while studying this weekend/week:
  1. Mumford (1999)--I remember liking it when I first saw it.
  2. The Sound of Music (1965)--Musical numbers are the only time you need to pay attention. And whenever Christopher Plummer is on the screen.
  3. The Godfather Part III (1990)--I'm going to have to see it eventually.
  4. Hot Fuzz (2007)--To see if I love this movie as much as I remember loving it.
  5. High Fidelity (2000)--To round out the top 5 ways I'm distracting myself.

*You don't even have to go to grad school for that.


  1. Ossom picks, esp. Hot Fuzz and High Fidelity!!

  2. That should make an interesting day. I almost bought Hot Fuzz yesterday.