Shirley Valentine (1989)

I don't have much to say about Shirley Valentine except that people should know it exists. It's about a woman who used to a rebel in school, but is now a 40-something housewife who speaks to her wall*. She's due for a life/sexual awakening when she runs off to Greece with her girlfriend Jane and rediscovers her old self--Shirley Valentine--with an affair with a Greek bar owner guy.

Originally a one-woman show, the transition to full-fledged movie is choppy and awful. And honestly, Pauline Collins is painful onscreen, with her inability to convey feeling through her eyes or lilting speech, and Tom Conti is a British man playing a Greek man, 'nuff said.

The one redeeming thing about this movie: the title sequence.

*If only that wall could talk back, it might have been entertaining.


  1. I wonder if our generation is grouped with the clitoris kids?

  2. haha I had this theme stuck in my head the other day.