Medley of the Day: Senorita Love edition

"My Maria" by BW Stevenson

I'm working under the assumption this is about a woman of Hispanic descent mostly off the pseudo-Spanish guitar work and the name Maria. However, the use of the phrase "gypsy lady" is somewhat confusing. Whatever. This is the original version which has a less ridiculous chorus than the Brooks & Dunn version (those mariIIIIIiiiiiaaa's get out of control). Please enjoy some traditional dancing (probably?) in addition to this great song.

"Rio Bravo" by Dean Martin

This is from the only John Wayne movie I've ever seen, Rio Bravo (1959). I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to see another one because they probably don't have Dean Martin crooning about some lost love.

"El Paso" by Marty Robbins

This is a great example of how country songs can reel you in--you've got to know what happens next! This topped the charts in 1960, and those scoopy vocals are most likely the reason why.

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  1. The very best episode of This American Life is on borders. The reporter follows some amateur border guards to a nightly stand-off somewhere in Texas. At some point the red-necky Texan turns on a Mexican ballad and starts telling the story of this girl from Mexico he fell in love with and its tragic end. Oh it made my heart sing. And only tangentially is connected. :)