I want to shoot Mary Murphey every time she speaks

But the dancing sure is good.

Thus begins my yearly love/hate relationship with So You Think You Can Dance. My favorite dance of last night was by the adorably short Randi and Evan. It's super sexy to musical stylings of Jamie Cullum. The dancing starts at about 2 minutes in.

Best show ever*.

*Well, the dancing at least.


  1. This is my first season of really paying attention to SYTYCD and I'm enjoying it a lot. But yeah, I don't know anyone who watches the show who doesn't want to kill Mary.

  2. Regarding Mary: AMEN. As People Who Deserve It threatened today, "If she doesn’t shut her fat face soon, we’re tying her ass to the tracks and waiting for the hot tamale train to finish the job."

    Even so, I love watching this show.