Sheldon Cooper: My new favorite TV character

I've managed to watch every episode of The Big Bang Theory in a week. Like most sitcoms, the premise seems a little contrived at the beginning, but as the premise and the characters settle, it becomes addictive and fun. The Big Bang Theory's premise is a hot girl moves next door to a pair of physicist roommates. Leonard (the most normal one) falls for Penny instantly. The other, Sheldon, isn't so taken with her, but he wins my heart. He's literal and overly technical and doesn't understand most social situations. Then add two more nerdy friends, and you have the cast. The two friends act as the go-to ethnic joke guys in addition to their inability to interact well with women: Rajesh, the Indian, can't talk in the presence of women without being drunk, and Howard is a horndog Jewish boy who lives with his mother. The nerdy group's interactions with Penny are actually quite funny.

But the best is Sheldon. I'm pretty sure I've known this guy and interacted with him, but like someone states in one of the episodes, it's funnier when it happens to someone else. Let me share some great clips:

Sheldon explains the problem with teleportation. Here demonstrates his awesome choice in conversational topic, and his inability to interpret saracasm:

Sheldon gets fired from his job and this is how he deals with the boredom. Also, you meet his mother (one of the many from Roseanne to be on this show):

Sheldon tries to figure out how to make friends and this is the result: a flow chart.

My absolute favorite Sheldon moments are when he interacts with Penny. Usually Penny is super annoyed with Sheldon, but sometimes they are friendly to each other and it's magical. Here's when Sheldon gets Penny addicted to online gaming:

And here's last Christmas's episode. Sheldon tries to anticipate the value of Penny's gift by buying gift baskets of assorted sizes, but has to improvise when he opens the gift. (There's some Leonard/Penny action in this scene, too, that's based on earlier events).

ADORABLE! Jim Parsons has officially wormed his way into my heart. I love overly literal people--from a distance.


  1. I LOVE this show!! In fact, I loved it so much it inspired me to write this blog: "We Don't Need Strength, We're Physicists!"

  2. I'm sure this post would be a lot cooler if I could see the videos... :(

  3. Dear Clancy,
    Your lack of internet off-campus saddens me. I will join in your frowny face :(