Linda Evangelista!

I was trying to come up with this model's name recently and the only thing I could use to describe was that she rocked an awesome bob and was in that music video "Freedom". Whoever I was talking to didn't get it.

Anyway, Linda Evangelista and the other models of that time seem timeless to me. Fashions change so much (especially female fashions), that it's odd that the early 90s supermodels would exude a classiness that remains today. So, in celebration of the early 90s, here's George Michael's "Freedom."

FYI, this is what Wikipedia says about the video:

As if to prove the song's sentiment, Michael refused to appear in the music video - which was directed by David Fincher - and instead recruited a number of supermodels (including Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Tatjana Patitz, Cindy Crawford, Todo Segalla and Scott Benoit) to mouth the words. It also featured the destruction of various symbols of Michael's past, including the famous guitar, jukebox, and leather jacket of the Faith era.


  1. Models come and go but there will never another Linda Evangelista. She's legendary in the world of fashion!

  2. Linda Evangelista in Spanish = Beautiful Gospelist?