Medley of the Day: Recent obsessions edition

A combination of actually having to do homework/take tests/doing a grad school interview/being lazy/watching a kind of terrible but not Full House* terrible Korean drama has led me to be a terrible blogger. But lucky for you, I made another one of my sweet medleys.

1) "Peace Like a River" by Paul Simon--I have a love-meh relationship with Mr. Simon. Love him in Simon and Garfunkel, and "You Can Call Me Al" will always be my favorite song to do aerobics to. But at least have the time he's just rambling with nondescript melodies. "Peace Like a River" is one of those rambling melodies, but the guitar work is so earthy and the "aaaaa" that starts every verse is so catchy, I'm just addicted.

2) "Gap" by The Kooks--The more I listen to The Kooks the more I realize they are pop-rock perfection. They have hooky melodies with just enough enough grit to feel cool. Also, singing with British accents and breaking voice. In this song, the first time Luke Pritchard sings "Please don't go!" is an example of those awesome vocals.

3) "Kicking the Heart Out" by Rogue Wave--This is from 4 or 5 years ago, but I just discovered how much I love them. They're mellow without being pansies or boring**. This song is mellowly aggressive (go with it). Favorite part "If music is my lover/then you are just a tease." Go ahead and sing that part out loud. It's fun.

*I don't care if Rain is in it.
*Iron & Wine/Death Cab, I'm looking at you.

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