Origin Stories: "I Do This (Remix)"

You guys, I have a new favorite frequently sampled song. When I first heard it, I was like, what is this magical 60s/70s string situation that reminds me of the soundtrack from Love Story*.  "Don't You Want to Stay" comes from Bill Wither's 1975 album Making Music, and in true Bill Withers fashion, the song is flawless:

The earliest sample I could find is from Biz Markie's "Romeo and Juliet" (1991):

Gettin' busy.

Joe Budden uses the Wither's song on "The Future" (2006) from his Mood Muzik 2: Can It Get Any Worse?:

Tech N9ne mostly used the least interesting part of the riff in "Last Words" from his 2008 album Killer:

Hilarious album cover, though.

Outerspace sample the song on their "What the Future Holds" from their 2008 album God's Fury, actually including some of Bill's lyrics:

Most recently--and my favorite besides Biz Markie, obvs--from the 2010 mixtape Overly Dedicated, Kendrick Lamar has the song "I Do This (Remix)":

Bitches say I'm the cool ass.

* Don't judge that reference.

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