Origin Stories: Thinkin' About Ya

"Thinkin' About Ya" by Timex Social Club (1986)
The original, credited to producer Jay King.

"Why You Treat Me So Bad" by Club Nouveau (1986)
When the beat kicks in, you know it's business time. (Watch the video on YouTube, or also listen to the full version here.) This is usually the version of the melody sampled.

"Rumors" by Father Dom featuring Timex Social Club (1995)
Could this song sound more 1995?

"Can't Trust a Man" by Mia X featuring Sugar T (1995)
This song is pretty badass and awesome. Listen here.

"I Got 5 On It" by Luniz featuring Michael Marshall (1995)

"Satisfy You" Puff Daddy featuring R. Kelly (1999)
Had no idea this existed. It's not good. (Listen here.)

"I'm Gonna Be Alright" by Jennifer Lopez (2001)
So this song apparently exists, too. (Listen here.)

"Untouchable" by DMX and a thousand other people (2003)
It's a more subtle sampling of the baseline. As an aside, whatever happened to DMX? (Listen here.)

"Only U" by Ashanti (2004)
Pretty much only the beginning. (Found here.)


"How Can I Get Over You" by Taral Hicks featuring LL Cool J (1997)
I'm loving every minute of this remix. Who else misses 90s R&B?

"Irresistible" by Jessica Simpson (So So Def remix featuring Lil Bow Wow) (2002)
Oh, well I like this song now. Seriously listen. It's strangely awesome

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