50 Favorite Romances: 26 - 30

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26. (500) Days of Summer (2009)

Just because she likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn't mean she's your soul mate.
I feel like people either love, hate, or cringe at this movie. I myself find it delightful. Sure, it's twee and hipster, what with the handrawn title cards and love of the Smiths. And sure, Zooey Deschanel is obviously not the best female character of all time, but I'm okay with seeing the film from Joseph Gordon-Leavitt's character's perspective. It even acknowledges that his view of her is never quite accurate. Mostly, I'm charmed by the film, and I think it offers an interesting way to tell a story in a nonlinear way. Also, I would love to do karaoke with drunk JGL.

27. Vibes (1988)

What's your problem, aside from your face?
Yeah. It's on this list. I dare anyone to find a more successful "romance in the midst of an action adventure" film. (Seriously, let me know so I can go watch them.) Psychics Nick (Jeff Goldblum) and Sylvia (Cyndi Lauper!) are recruited by Peter Falk to find a missing son. Instead they find Julian Sands being kind of creepy. Come for the ridiculous cast, remain intrigued by the tango scene, find yourself oddly moved by a pretty weird romantic storyline.

28. The Last Station (2009)

Why should it be easy? I am the work of your life, you are the work of mine. That's what love is!
Leo Tolstoy (Christopher Plummer) is dying, and his wife Sofya (Helen Mirren) is worried he's not taking care of their family's finances. There are several witnesses to the histrionics that follow this argument, including a young and devoted Tolstoyan, Valentin (James McAvoy). Turns out, Valentin learns more about how to live life from Sofya and another young follower, Masha (Kerry Condon). There's a sweetness about this film that elevates the fairly sparse material into genuine stories of love, both at the end of life and at the beginning. Also, James McAvoy.

29. Splendor in the Grass (1961)

We've got to stop all this kissing and fooling around, Deanie. I just don't think we'd better see each other for a while.
Would you like to relive the sexual repression of your youth but set 1920s Kansas? Would also like to include mental breakdowns that lead to institutionalized care? And maybe some social commentary? You're in luck! It stars the very handsome Warren Beatty and beautiful Natalie Wood. In all seriousness, for such an overdramatic movie, it manages to get a lot right about hormones/feelings contradicting social/religious pressure.

30. What’s Up, Doc? (1972)

There's nothing to see, really. We're inside a Chinese dragon.
Ryan O'Neal, of all people, is making this list twice starring as total nerd square Howard Bannister. He's engaged to a person named Eunice (Madeline Khan), but gets sidetracked when the spontaneous/crazy Judy Maxwell (Barbra Streisand) gets to town. There's something about music and stolen jewels or something, but really the point of this movie is ridiculous one-liners and madcap hijinks. Surprisingly hilarious every time I've seen it.


  1. i just watched "what's up doc" last night! seriously laugh until i cry every time i watch it. and ryan o'neal is surprisingly hot when i don't remember that he got old

  2. HOW COULD YOU PUT 500 DAYS OF SUMMER ON HERE? You philistine! Ew! It's a mopey stalker movie. I have seen only 30% of the movies on this list, and have a very strong repulsion to a decent number of the rest. I will probably have to make my own list now to make myself feel better.

  3. Emily--Yes to everything.

    Lauren--I'm sorry, but a Hall and Oates dance number and cute wardrobe are enough to win me over. Also, yes. Make your own list.

  4. I think the real reason you love (500) Days of Summer is the dual "She's Like the Wind" references.

    Also, Ryan O'Neal as a straight man to Barbra's funny girl is excellent. But not in their unwatchable follow-up, The Main Event. As your friend, I command you never to watch it.

  5. Whitney--that's pretty accurate about (500) Days of Summer. Also, I will never watch that movie. Thanks for the advice.