Live blogging "The Voice"

First of all, I need to confess that I've been watching "The Voice." It's kind of like a nicer "American Idol" in that they cut out all the truly crazy before they start filming, thus cutting out the schadenfreude. But mostly, I have a regrettable crush on Adam Levine who is one of the...choosers/coaches? Anyway, here we go:

:02 Review of what's happened so far. Blah blah blah, battle rounds, Carson Daly's generic voice. Hopefully I won't have to watch him awkwardly hug someone today.

:04 Christina Aguilera is surprisingly endearing.

:06 "Tone, pitch, and face."

:07 I want to know where they get this mood music. Is there a bank of music where reality shows get their music?

:08 Personal story involving the Grammy's. Bored.

:09 "Single Ladies"= yawn.

:11 Adam Levine is sporting a beard. This is delightful.

:12 Blake Shelton is making a Rocky reference. I would love it if he would narrate my life.

:16 Oh good, Frenchie won. Honestly. She's a class act.

:17 "Burning Love" by Elvis. Lol Blake Shelton.

:18 Gay Mormon! Reba! This show has everything!

:20 Blake and Reba are so wise: you're not required to do runs even if you're good at them.

:25 "Burning Love" at least is a weird choice, if not that much more interesting to listen to than "Single Ladies."

:27 I'm overwhelmed by these two guys breakin' it down.

:29 The country kid Patrick is going on. Poor gay Mormon.

:30 Adam has chosen "Leather and Lace." I LOVE THAT SONG. Ahem. I'm just glad this is a guy-girl duet.

:31 Adam once again extolling the virtues of simplicity.

:33 Stevie Nicks: "a bad bitch." Amen, Adam.

:38 This girl Casey sounds like a ditz when she talks.

:39 Except she sounds good as a singer. The guy is okay.

:40 ~Harmonies~

:41 Christina's rocking some animal print. She makes me like it.

:43 Literally went to a commercial break righat after Adam says, "So-" New levels of cheap suspense.

:47 Casey wins the round. Awesome.

:48 Cee Lo is wearing a lot of red. Literally every aspect of his outfit is red except his necklace.

:49 Monica is Cee Lo's advisor! Where have you been?

:50 "Less Than Perfect" is the worst song choice so far. Pink hasn't been good since "You Make Me Sick," am I right?

:56 Vicci and Niki are doing there best with this boring song. Mostly, they are are both short people.

:57 Awwww, they did some duet eye contact.

:58 Vicci wins. She's adorable and a little sassy.

:59 Group hugs?

Previews: "Stand by Me": gross. Cee Lo saying, "There will be blood": I'll go with it.

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  1. Fact: I too have a regrettable crush on Adam Levine. I refuse to watch this show, though. (So far.)