Live blogging "The Voice" 5/17/11

Hello, blog readers (most likely related to me directly or through marriage). I'm back for more mediocre reality TV, so let's get to it.

Adam Levine with advisor Adam Blackstone.

:02 Oh, it's just taken 2 minutes for the show to actually start. Cee Lo choses Tje and Nakia. These are two really weird looking dudes.

:03 Tye is wearing a denim vest. Nice.

:04 Good thing they unsaturated the colors of the flashbacks so we know this isn't the present day.

:05 Cee Lo chose Ne-yo's "Closer." Have I ever declared my love of Ne-Y? No?Let it be known that Ne-Yo is pop perfection.

:07 I hate the adjective "pitchy."

:08 Aw yeah, the performance is warming up.

:09 This is going to be a tough call, but I'd go with Tje because of his adorable fro.

:10 First thing out of Adam's voice, "So much hair." Agreed.

:11 Carson Daly is holding both the guys' hands. It is incredibly awkward


:15 Nakia wins! I'll miss Tje's hair, but at least there's a bearded guy in the running.

:15 The duo Elenowen and Jared Blake are up to sing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." I'm curious how they turn this duet into a trio-duet.

:17 I want to punch this hipster couple, they are too cute. Owen is a little too Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine. I officially want to punch him.

:19 Blake Shelton wanting these people to blend. Awkward combinations!


:25 Jared is surprisingly fun and gritty. Elenowen are sickening and not in a good, drag queen sort of way.

:26 The male half of Elenowen is not very good. He just has a hot wife. And the hot wife fails at the key change.

:28 Blake chooses Jared! Great choice. Now Elenowen can go back to their co-op.

During this commercial break I'll just address the ridiculous tweets at the bottom of the screen from the coaches. Essentially, they all say, "EVERYONE WAS AWESOME THIS DECISION IS HARD." But it's so hip and NOW to use tweets, so they're using it anyway. Thanks, family friendly programming.

Also, there is an ad for "The Sing-Off." I don't know how I feel about a full hour of a cappella.

:34 Javier and Angela are chosen. Angel is wearing a random headband wrapped around her skull and a denim vest. I want to slap her.

:35 "Stand By Me"? Really, Adam? I expected better. At least he's advocating for simplistic vocals. This song can get out of control fast.

:38 Ugh, this performance is getting real showboat-y real fast.


:41 Javier wins. Thank goodness. That girl was embarrassing.

:46 Christina picks Beverly and Justin. She also picks "Baba O'Riley" for the song. Whaaaaat? Christina, why are you awesome?

:48 Ack! Melisma attack!


:54 I already want "Baba O'Riley" to end.

:55 The harmonies are kind of nice since they have to actually sing the melody during this part.

:56 This guitar solo is the best part so far. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH SINGING HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?

:57 Adam says, "Murderize." 10 points.

:58 Beverly wins. She's kind of a badass, so I'll go with it. I really had no preference on this one.

Previews: "ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD"! Yes and yes. Looks like I'm still watching this next week.

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