It's official

I'm going to have to start catching up on Leverage. I fought it in the way I tend to fight all basic cable television shows (before I inevitably love them and embrace them), but a Sunday night a few weeks ago introduced me to the loveliness of this man:

Aldis Hodge, looking good.

And then I find out the main character is played by Timothy Hutton of Ordinary People, albeit 30 years later, but still, that performance is brilliant and I love him.

20-year-old Hutton with a bespectacled Redford.

It's a pretty typical procedural, but the characters are amusing enough, and there seems to be the promise of some sexual tension. So here's to starting from the beginning.

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  1. It's a great show, and I didn't know that the guy who plays ford was the kid from Ordinary People. Awesome.