Medley of the Day: If only life were like a musical edition

I'm in a cheesy mood and have been remiss in my blogging duties, so here's a little something to tide you over and distract you from election ridiculousness:

The Sound of Music "My Favorite Things"
Not too long ago, I rediscovered this movie and found it to be awesome. This is my favorite song from it; honestly, the melody is gorgeous. Too bad this scene doesn't have more of that sexy Captain Von Trapp.

Notre Dame de Paris "Belle"
There is an astounding number of version of this musical, including in English. My favorite I've accidentally encountered is in Russian. It just doesn't sound right: same melody, but different words/singers. Anyway, enjoy the original in French. When all three men start to sing together, it's heavenly. Just ignore some of the creepy lyrics and the kind of poor sound quality.

Oklahoma "People Will Say We're in Love"
This is the London production with Hugh Jackman. Seriously adorable. I love good rom-com banter...in music form.

Speaking of musical banter,
Calamity Jane "I Could Do Without You"
In the most ridiculous of musicals, this is a surprisingly sexy scene. Something about the huge Howard Keel and adorably small Doris Day trying to boss each other around. Anyway, enjoy.


  1. The Sound of Music is truly fantastic, and hellooo Christopher Plummer.

    Also: YES. Oklahoma! sans Monsieur Jackman? An okay to good time. Oklahoma! AVEC Hugh?? The Best time.

  2. Omg I was so obsessed with Notre Dame de Paris in high school. This was followed by years of shame (matching only that over my former obsession with Rent). Thank you for making me remember that it's okay to love singing, French hunchbacks. Because I do. I really do.