Dudes that look way too much alike

So today I saw the movie L'enfant, and the main guy was kind of like a young and not very shrewd Bil Sykes. And then I thought of the movie Oliver! and the actor who plays Bil Sykes. And then I couldn't really remember what he looked like except a cross between Javier Bardem and that dude in PS I Love You who wasn't Gerard Butler/Katherine Heigl's dead lover from Grey's Anatomy (yeah, I actually saw that episode). Anyway, I looked them all up and I can say with 12387% certainty they are the same person.

Javier Bardem...

...and Jeffrey Dean Morgan...

...are the same as Oliver Reed* as Bil Sykes.

*Totally creepy in this movie as well as in Tommy. Why was he even cast in musicals?


  1. I believe this may be relevant to your interests:


    The School of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  2. i think i thought the first two were the same person.

  3. Robert Downey Jr. looks much different. I wouldn't confuse him for Bardem, Reed or Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

  4. Reed and Bardem are so much alike, it's scary!!