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1. Is this election over yet? SNL last night wasn't even that funny or enjoyable, unless you count how adorable Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler are in Weekend Update. And then only when they weren't talking about the election. I'm getting a little electioned-out, especially since I already cast my absentee ballot. Anyway, I kind of hate all the coverage, and yet can't stop watching/reading it. The hilarious Larry David agrees: Waiting for Nov. 4th.

2. Even though this guy stopped blogging at the end of August, I just recently found it. For some reason I find race relations from the perspective of black people hilarious, so here's Stuff Black People Hate.

3. Last night I went to one of the only quirky and cool places in Provo: Sammy's Cafe. It's located on 27 North 100 West and has delicious burgers and milkshakes--with whole pieces of pie in them!

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