Ladies and Gentlemen, the Evolution of Robin Thicke

I have 2 new roommates as of Friday. They kicked me out of my old room because they wanted to live together, and heaven knows I don't want to live with them either. They're 18, first time on their own girls who listen to "Love in This Club" and Rihanna and all that other music that sounds exactly like alike that I have no interest in knowing.

My point is this. I have to reach a happy place in some way, and my new source of happiness is Robin Thicke. I discovered Mr. Thicke on Pandora on my John Legend stations (kind of sucked--which is why I now have a Robin Thicke station instead. Pandora is magic). He's kind of like a less douchey Justin Timberlake, although just as white. On a whim a bought the Deluxe Edition of his second album The Evolution of Robin Thicke because I liked a couple songs that I'd heard, and for the most part, it's awesome.

At some points kind of Motown/Marvin Gaye, sometimes kind of Ne-yo/Chris Brown/new-school R&B. Basically, it's some great pop music with some fabulous inspiration. Plus, Thicke doesn't overuse his falsetto**, which is necessary for me not to hate him as much as JT***.

Some album highlights:

"Got 2 Be Down"--A kind of duet with Faith Evans which really sounds like Marvin Gaye. Delicious.

"I Need Love"--Starts out with a sexy Al Green squeal and only gets better from there. This would definitely make it on the next Body + Soul compilation.

"Can You Believe"--Some great piano R&B.

"Lonely World"--Think "Man in the Mirror", but without feeling guilty about a broken bottle top.

"Lost Without U"--Sounds exactly like the montage music on Flight of the Conchords (the last 20 seconds). Adorable!

Album warning: Sometimes terrible sexual analogies appear in the lyrics. Also, the songs featuring Lil Wayne are terrible.

Overall: Poptastic! Drowns out the sound of bad hip-hop!

*His father is Alan Thicke of Growing Pains. And yes, I did watch a ton of Growing Pains in middle school.
**We all remember the "Cry Me a River" high-pitched disasterbacle of 2002.
***Also, not claiming you embody an adjective and are bringing it back.

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  1. As for your 2 roommates, I'm expecting the same thing to be happening to me. I'll be living in my university's accommodation, where I expect it to be filled with kids listening to crap that's dominating the radio waves now.

    I similarly have the music preference like you too.

    Take care!