Re: Howard Keel

Does Howard Keel always play the worst boyfriend ever? I mean, he masterminds the kidnapping of innocent women with the aid of misguided book-learning, and then he beats up his BFF and secret love, and now I find that he spanks his ex-wife on stage during a musical rendition of Shakespeare's creepiest love story?

Why are any of these women clamoring back to him. I mean, I'm a fan of a tall drink water and a deep voice as much as the next person, but goodness, there has to be a line in which you think "dealbreaker."

I don't know. Maybe if you're into the physically domineering type. And I can't say I'm against all that facial hair he sports:

And those gams! Has anyone seen this one (Jupiter's Darling)? It looks awful, in the best way possible.

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