Almost feeling guilty about snacking, but not really

"I'm not hungry, but I feel like eating." My old roommate used to say that all the time. And that's exactly how I feel right now. I freaking voracious today.

Some choice snackage from today:

Wheat Thins, which I think are justifiably pretty healthy. You've got some fiber in there and it has the word "wheat" in the title. Also, I don't eat that many of them unlike some other crackers I know.

My box does not have Rachael Ray on it, although it is family size.

Tortilla Chips and Salsa are irresistible.

I usually don't buy them because I will eat them until they're gone. I usually buy Santita's brand because it's cheap. Also I buy the white corn because it's more delicious.

In terms of salsa, Tostito's "chunky" line of salsa is delicious. And since I'm a spice-wuss, I usually get mild. It's delicious and tastes like I'm getting real vegetable nutrients.

Last, but most delicious of all: Chips Ahoy!

This cookie was one of the many reasons I loved my Grandma: a constant supply of Chips Ahoy cookies (in addition to some home baked, of course). These are almost as addictive as Famous Amos, except they're bigger so you feel like you've eaten more**.

Anyway, this is just to say, I ate a lot of each of these today. And it was delicious.

*Ritz, I could eat you by the sleeve.
**Not exactly cookie vitamins.

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