Good thing about school starting

BYU International Cinema starts next week and I'm so excited. It's the reason I don't do Netflix during the school year--I get to watch movies for free. They show the movies throughout the week, my personal favorite being Tuesday evenings when hardly anyone is in the auditorium. Last Winter semester I manage to watch one or more films a week. My love of good cinema has grown immensely. And even though they have a sketchy and euphemistic "customized for BYU audiences" practice, I still get to see films I wouldn't see otherwise. I just wish that regular American movie theaters would pick up more foreign films. Something about seeing the world in a different way and how others use cinema to express that is exciting and beautiful.

Check out this semester's schedule. I really can't choose which ones I'm most excited for, so I guess I'll just have to see all that I can...

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