Actor Appreciation: Shahrukh Khan

I'm craving a Bollywood movie. Admittedly, I've probably seen about 7 or 8 Bollywood movies, I'm no connoisseur. But of the ones I have seen, I especially love the ones with Shahrukh Khan, one of Bollywood's biggest stars. If you haven't experienced the endearingly incorrigible actor that is SRK, do yourself a favor and track down a movie staring him.

Check out the excessive bare chest/shoulder. Yesssss...

I've heard that Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is like the Bollywood equivalent of Titanic (in the sense that they're kind of epic romances that got out of control popular), but let me tell you, this one is way more entertaining. It's about 3 hours long, but like most Bollywood movies I've seen, it's like watching 2 movies.

The first half is very comedic following a recent college graduates in London played by Shahrukh Khan and Kajol *(this on-screen pairing is apparently also out of control popular). Kajol convinces her parents to let her go on a trip to Europe with some girlfriends before she must enter an arranged marriage. Khan also ends up going on a trip to Europe, too, and wouldn't you know it they meet! Khan is somewhat of a flirt with little decorum. Kajol is a dreamer, but is very traditional. Fights filled with sexual-tension and vacation misadventures ensue.

By the end of the first half, they both realize they love each other, but don't admit it. Kajol goes back home to face her impending marriage. Khan goes back home to mope around and drink beer with his dad, until his dad convinces him to go get the girl. So Khan finds Kajol's house empty, only to hear from a neighbor that the family has gone to India for her marriage. Before all hope is lost, Khan finds the cowbell that Kajol bought in Europe--surely a token of her affection--and follows Kajol to India.

The second half is epic! Khan weasels his way into the wedding preparation to slowly making his move to marry Kajol. Will there be a showdown? Will the lovers get together, or will they be shot down by tradition and marriage promises?

Frankly, this movie is ridiculous. I laugh during at least half of it (laughs of appreciation and love).But like I said, anything is great with Shahrukh Khan in it. He is not particularly handsome, but he wins you over with his warm personality. Khan's just playful and charming enough that the movie works. He dances great (did I mention the musical numbers?) and cries like a champ. Really, you can't lose.

The movie I may end up watching this weekend is the one SRK movie I own: Kal Ho Naa Ho. Hilarious beginning, insanely dramatic second half. Tightly-wound and emotionally wounded girl, the best friend who loves the girl, and carefree and loving man who shows them the way despite his own feelings. So great. Plus, this one really does have great music (that none of the actors actually sing, as per usual). The "Pretty Woman" cover is great and filled with overt American propaganda since it's set in New York; "Maahive" features some sweet engagement clothing as well as a cameo by Kajol (!); and my favorite is "It's the Time to Disco" at the local dance club's retro night. SRK is more of a fatherly figure in this one, but does have some great scenes. And did I mention the crying? EPIC!

"It's the Time to Disco" for you viewing pleasure.

Anyway, I recommend both of these movies. Get yourself some snacks, bask in the glow of Shahrukh Khan, and make a night out of one of these.

*Forgive me, I'm just going to use the actor's names.


  1. Shahrukh Khan is the most charismatic performer in the world. Like you I am not of Indian heritage but ever since I saw my first SRK film (which was Ka Ho Naa Ho) I have been infatuated with him. I've tried watching other Bollywood films with other popular male stars too but they just don't have the incredible screen presence of Shahrukh. Have you see OM Shanti OM yet his latest film? If not you have to see that....seeing your remarks on the first picture you will die when you see him dancing shirtless with the most amazing 6 pack abs and all in the song Dard e Disco. Hotness personified!