Clothes: a vicious circle

Why do I have so many clothes? In the past few months I have gotten rid of 2(!) garbage bags of clothing. This is ridiculous. I bet there are naked people in the street who would love to have my clothing. At the current moment (just having purged my closet again) I think I'm at an average amount of clothing. I got rid of stuff I never wear and stuff that was too gross to wear.

But what this comes down to, ultimately, is that my mom needs to stop buying me so much clothing. Every once in a while I need some need shirts, a new pair of jeans, a coat, but not all the time. I do like new clothes, but I have so many that I don't really like that much. For Christmas/my birthday (within 2 weeks of each other) pretty much all I get clothes--even if I request something else. Combine that with being too lazy to take them back and I end up with lots of clothes.

Anyway, I think I'm going to go shopping this weekend to buy some stuff that will replace the worn out things I got rid of and I'll hopefully get a lot of use out of. I hope I don't overflow my closet again.

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  1. It is true that Mom is a clothes fiend. I don't know how I got her to stop buying me so many. Maybe she's given up on fixing my fashion.