House--Still Awesome

So I really like House. This is a picture with the old core cast, and it looks like at least two of them are staying besides Hugh Laurie, although probably in a limited role. Each season they come up with more ridiculous ways House can be jerkier and more of a Vicodin addict. This season's big thing is House picking a new team of doctors. The last episode House narrowed down 40 potential team members to 5. The best part? There's a Mormon.

Some things that make me actually excited about it: 1. He's black, so therefore not what most people think of when they think "Mormon." That could be good for the Church; 2. He was willing to get wasted on hard liquor to diagnose a patient. Context makes it make slightly more sense, but the Mormon guy did state that the LDS Church doesn't govern every detail of the members' lives. He's got spunk and I like that; 3. Dr. House will have more of his questioning-the-existence-of-God episodes, which are always interesting and pretty intelligent. Shows that actually explore issues give me hope for the world.

So, thanks House, for being awesome and having the balls to explore issues and create intriguing characters.

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